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Natural Chef Training

Helping people to learn about good food

I love good food and the joy it brings to life; the way real food can heal, nourish and delight. There’s so much confusion these days as to what ‘healthy’ food really is. I believe labelling a diet Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Fat or whatever is absolutely no guarantee of a healthy diet.

I’ve worked in the Natural/Whole foods industry for about 20 years. From cooking in café’s and teaching through a range of media and classes. In 2001, my work began to consolidate, my dream began to come into focus and I left my wholefood store and café to found Whole Food Cooking. My aim was clear – to help people understand just what good food really is all about.

Transition to good food takes place in a kitchen – this is where people translate the knowledge they hear and see (ie. eat more whole grains) into food they and their family can eat. If they do not have a successful experience, they may be put off and the opportunity to continue along this path is halted.

In class, it’s a deeply rewarding experience to see people gain confidence to tackle ingredients they might not have encountered or understood before and end up with a delicious result. This philosophy is at the heart and soul of Whole Food Cooking – helping people to learn about good food; what it truly is, how to use it, where to get it and any other tools and information needed to make wholesome food a workable part of everyday life.

My focus is now firmly concentrated on developing a foundation of skill so this industry can develop. People are becoming keenly aware how important whole and natural foods are, but unfortunately, there is little skill base (especially in Australia) for it to develop. This is why I am so excited about the Natural Chef Training Program – it is extremely comprehensive, and aims to give you a broad foundation upon which to build a deeply rewarding career.

Jude Blereau
Founder and Director – Whole Food Cooking

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Course Outline

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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