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Dream, Ramble and Roam


Fancy a cup of tea? I love this mug – nice fine china, and just holds a perfect amount

This idea of a ‘Wished for and Loved ‘ came to me from the gorgeous Heidi Swanson’s ‘Favourites’ that she includes once a month in her fabulous site. I’m inspired by the title Dream, Ramble and Roam and it came to me from a lady ringing in to the radio, saying that her grandmother told her how important it was to dream, ramble and roam. So that’s what we are going to do. Here’s my current wished for  and loved:

  1. Vanilla. Please give it to me, pure and gorgeous. I like the Neilson Massey brand, and in Australia you can get it here. The organic one is more expensive, and I often use the non organic also, including the beans and the paste. I also love the Heilala, and love that you pronounce it ‘hey – la -la’. It makes me feel as if I am in Hawaii with a gardenia lei. 
  2. I want to go here. Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic retreat in Texas. I love Texas, especially the food. I’m lusting after these sheets and how gorgeous are these.
  3. I need a new Reiss Enamel Rose Pink Milk Pot, but also happy for the Apple Green. I’ve literally worn mine out, but really by brewing a lemon ginger number in it, and the acid has worn down the enamel – really, not a wise thing to do!  I love this product and many other places stock it. I wrote about this product here, it’s beautiful to work with. You cannot help but be happy when you cook with such gorgeous colours. 
  4. My new apron and can I say I’m very partial also to the Rafelle tablecloth 
  5. I love Flour Sack Tea Towels, and in Peony. I find the only way for me here in Australia to get them is here, but they are the best tea towels I know, large, dry dishes incredibly well and as they wear become light and perfect for throwing over food to protect them from flies etc. 
  6. I’m passionately in love with Vino Cotto and in Australia you will find Maggie Beer brand the easiest to source. Also, Fig Vino Cotto – taste it and weep.  I’m very much wanting to find an organic one but haven’t as yet, though I’m sure in other countries you will find one easily.  This is a glorious sweetener to use with dried fruits and grain flours such as barley and oats. Maggie has some wonderful ways also to use it especially this Chocolate, Quince and Almond Tart.  
  7. Dr Hauschka biodynamic skin care, and oversea’s here. My skin is just a very different thing when I use it. 
A favourite Cath Kidston tablecloth, with my much loved cushions that my niece Lisa made for me, Christmas 2010

I know from this that you may well have let you in on a secret – yes I love pink. But I like to think I don’t go overboard, and I’m certainly not a prissy pink girl in any way shape or form. And this is a place to dream, ramble or roam…. so anything is allowed, and I think it’s also important to love what you love. The heart has it’s own reason, and mine loves pink. 

I’m gearing up for classes also – the kitchen is looking pretty clean, and the pantry is being stocked. I’m thrilled to be running classes in Melbourne and Sydney as well as Perth this year and you can find the class schedule here and also the upcoming Seasonal Seminar about Allergies and Gut Health with my dear friend Holly Davis here. Holly loves a good cup of tea as much as I do, so those pink spotty mugs will be put to a lot of use when she is here – woo hoo !!! I can’t wait – Holly and I have can talk each others heads off and we both love it. And that is another wished for and loved – to sit and have a cuppa with a good friend – I hope you get to enjoy such a delicious and simple pleasure over the next couple of weeks too.