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Come Celebrate the Harvest


I’m so sorry there has been nothing happening on my blog for a few weeks – I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, and then head down at my desk.

As we come into the late summer, we come to the end of the growing season – this is traditionally the time to celebrate the harvest. It has been a great growing season and we have a lot to celebrate. My favourites ? Mangoes. They were sweet and cheap, and we’ve had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in smoothies. Mango chutney has also been made. Unfortunately they have come to an end (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Gin Gin Mangoes that come as a gift from heaven, after all the others have gone), but thankfully my most favourite fruit of all are coming in to fill the void. Figs. I’ve been especially lucky with figs this year, having had 2 fig seasons to indulge – San Francisco in September, and Perth now. My favourite way to have them – on great sourdough with a soft goat cheese with the smashed fig on top. Second to that is tossed in honey and vanilla, and roasted in the oven. 

But, I’m getting carried away. I wanted to invite you to come and join the Spice family and myself at the Matilda Bay foreshore next Sunday 8th March. I’ve included the invitation at the top. We are going to stop for once, and take time to celebrate all that we love about food, and in our own way, to celebrate the harvest. Bring along  food to enjoy or food to share – I’d love to meet and see you, as we also celebrate the place we live – we are exceptionally lucky.

I’ve no recipe for you today, but promise to have one up during the week. I also wanted to share a photo of the Greens, from the Lismore Organic Farmers Market – they were stunning. Greens of every description – herbs, bok choys and tatsois, kale of every variety, collard greens and greens I’d never come across before. What you see here in this phot, disguised as a green leaves, is calcium, and about one hundred other minerals. I bought some of the Cavalo Nero (Tuscan Black Kale) and together with some sweet corn, made a chowder, adding the greens for a little cooking during the last 10 minutes. They tend to require a little cooking to soften and make them more digestible. I served the soup with a touch of youghurt, but cream fraiche would be great also – fat, is going to help ensure you get all those minerals, and can use them.

I’ll do hope you can make it and I’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday