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Old Fashioned Rice Pudding


This is the kind of ‘a little something’ that I needed on a cold and wintery Sydney day recently.. pure comfort food. And I did indeed need a bit of comfort. I was exhausted after doing the shoot for my new book (out next year), and staying with my good friend (and fellow Whole and Natural Foods Chef) Holly Davis, who helped me, the word we used was ‘shattered’. We were completely shattered, and requiring said comfort food (plus, it was cold). It also seems that rice pudding is back in (mind you it has never really gone away in our house) – I noticed it has made an appearance in this months Delicious magazine, so it seems, we are on trend :) I actually don’t use a recipe, just throw it all in and judge from look, but the all important thing in making a rice pudding is getting the consistency right (not too runny, not too thick) so I’m giving you a recipe. It’s originally from this book (I’ve tweaked it a little) … a truly brilliant book that mum has had for years, it’s well worn and stained, and truly, has all the Australian classics – it’s well worth tracking down.


But whilst carrying on about how exhausted we were, it was a wonderful time. I call it the ‘seeing the view from the mountain’ time. That time, when you’ve worked so hard (over years and years), taken the enormous risks that you take, putting it all out there – and you finally get the chance to see the beauty of it all. To see this book, that in the beginning (and for quite some time over the past year) I couldn’t see at all where it was leading me, but I kept on following a jungle path – finally I got to see that it was beautiful, and that the whole was so much more than the sum of it’s parts. That takes one talented photographer (Cath Muscat) and stylist (Michelle Noriento), and of course a publishing team who are there for you (Murdoch Books). BUT, it also takes a friend. I’ve had a lot of lessons about what makes a true friendship this year – easy for some to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.  Thank goodness, that I count Holly as a true friend. Thank goodness she knows how to make a cup of tea because we really needed it. The photo below is a screen shot of the teapot from Cath’s instagram account. It also took another hand in the kitchen, and we were loved sharing more time with Trudie Fenwick – a graduate from the 2013 Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training Program. We also had the opportunity to catch up with another graduate (2010) Belinda Pooley (Wholefood Canteen), another true friend and we got to meet her gorgeous new bub.


A shoot goes like this: you organise what you are going to shoot (we had 40 shots of food + chapter openers + incidentals+ pictures of me) – in 5 days. You organise the shopping list (that was Holly’s job, and no mean feat). You watch in awe as box after box of props are unloaded. You cook your ass off, because that’s a lot of shots you are doing each day. I also keep an eye on the shot so it represents me. No blue plates I say, no twine around everything I say – and in the end, there was blue, and a bit of twine, but I loved it. Loved it to bits. I love who I see this book becoming, I love that whilst I couldn’t see always what it wanted to be, my spirit did and kept me on the path. I think you will like it too. That’s Michelle s hands down there, getting the shot into shape, and below it, is the gorgeous Smeg fridge we used for a shot. Look at the colour – Panna Cotta – it says it all. I literally can’t wait for my new home and cooking studio to be built (that’s another story), but already I have my Smeg oven sorted. I’ll tell you more about that at a later date.




Before I leave and get to the recipe, I will be putting together a class program next week for August, September, October and November for Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. It will post on the website, FB and newsletter. I’d so love to meet you and I hope you can come along. In the meantime, try this out this winter weekend… serve it with any baked or stewed fruit as desired. Eat it for morning tea, snack or afternoon tea or dessert… it doesn’t matter :)

x Jude


Tales From The Road Part 2


Typical flower posy from Hobart – for you
photograph cMichelle Crawford
The new addition to my family…. photograph cMichelle Crawford
Bruny Island Jonquils photograph cMichelle Crawford

I’m back home, and rather than give you a big ramble about it all, I’ll just show you. In a 2 month travel around Australia with the new book “Wholefood Baking – Wholesome Ingredients for Delicious Results”, there were so many highlights. If you are reading this and you are not here, it’s because I couldn’t fit it all in. I was worried you might not even get through all the photo’s I felt I simply HAD to put here… this is a THANK YOU to you, and flowers for you. In between all of the events below were the wonderful Thermomix classes – I have met so many people who have touched my life. I’ll do a whole one on the Thermomix classes next…

This blog takes up from when I got back to Sydney, then to Melbourne, Tasmania and Adelaide…


With WNCTP graduates Jessica Kenney (2012) and Angie Cowan – wonderful women both – you can find Jess here

Talented photographer Jess Kenney took this shot and I think she caught me at moment that I was thinking (just before everyone arrived) – wow, this has been a long, tough climb to the top of this mountain. I think I can relax a bit and enjoy the view….a ‘be here now’ kind of moment What this means for me (enjoying the view) is not being so worried about what has to be done, that I have time to enjoy the moment and meeting and talking with you.

On a freezing cold morning with dearest friend Holly Davis and Angie, as Angie presented her first Wellness Woman Breakfast. She did an amazingly delicious, professional and inspiring job – I am so very proud of Angie. You can find Angie here and her Wellness Woman here. Loved meeting Nicole Walsh, co founder of Body, Mind, Life Yoga in Surry Hills, and Vanessa  Megan Gray, owner of Vanessa Megan Natural and Organic Skin Care Company.

Who said porridge was boring? Couldn’t resist including this – a snapshot of winter wholegrain porridge options – from the Meals for Everyday and Surviving the Busy Days class in Sydney. Everything in the same bowl… Poached Vanilla Bean Quinces (variation of the recipe in Wholefood Baking) Baked Rhubarb (recipe in Coming Home to Eat) , Honey/Cinnamon and Vanilla Seed Labne (recipe in Wholefood for Children and Coming Home to Eat and Wholefood Baking) Pumpkin and Cinnamon Amaranth (a make up) Vino Cotto Winter Compote of Dried Fruits (variation on the recipe in Wholefood Baking) Caramelised Apple, Kefir Cream (Recipe in Wholefood for Children and Wholefood Baking) and Ghee (Recipe in Wholefood for Children)

Favourite Dinner – left overs. Lamb Neck and Oat Stew (from Wholefood for Children) with mash parsnip/potato with garlicky brussels sprouts… eaten at Holly’s place after the Nourishing Young Children and those with Intolerance……was delicious.


The universe sending me a love message – look at all this glorious pink vintage china…. in a church hall cupboard…..!!!!!!!

Found my twin…at the Williamstown Thermomix Class … same birthdays…:)

Family Time – Nessie flew over for a long weekend, here she is with Zac getting the fire started, just before a big family dinner….

With Allison and Gemma – two amazing young women from Bendigo who have cooked every recipe from the first three books. I loved Allison talking about how her taste buds have changed and she can now tell good food when she tastes it. So, so loved meeting these inspiring young women.

An oldie but a goodie – the Pistachio Buckwheat Pudding from Coming Home to Eat… here made with Full Cream Milk. The recipe calls for soy, but I would most likely use home made Almond and Coconut these days.

Baking on a cold winter Melbourne morning in my jammies, for a morning tea at Fran’s school

The lovely, sparkly Meg Thompson from My Wholefood Romance. Meg just about cracked me up at the Melbourne Launch when she asked me ” What is this amazing icing that is changing my life – AS WE SPEAK ?!!” That’s it below…..
Coconut Palm Cake with Coconut and Cream Cheese Frosting with Lime Drizzle Syrup  (this is the one from Hobart, but the picture was so lovely I used it ! Photograph cMichelle Crawford)

Family, Dear Friends and Adopted Family – from left – my wonderful cousin Fran (the one that Wholefood Baking is dedicated to), Peter and his wife Julie (in the pink top) and the beautiful Delia. At the Melbourne Launch.

Launceston and Hobart….

Oh, Oh what a lovely surprise !!!!
Be still my beating heart – Holy Moly, all cafes (Blue, in Launceston) should stock organic milk. I felt spoilt having Elgaar and from glass bottles.
Drove through Oatlands and stopped at Companion Bakery lunch and met the  Graham the baker – he generously invited us to see the bakery and wood fired oven and spent some time chatting to us. Hands down the best sour dough I have ever had.
Companion Bakery Spinach and Cheese Tart – best i’ve ever had…we started off with 1, ended up with 3.
“But I want them”…… step away from the beautiful china Jude, you can’t fit them in your luggage….I’m not telling you where, because I still might get them….

Thank goodness for Pidgeon Hole (Hobart) .. Bluebirds of Happiness flying over the cup of coffee. This is one of the best little breakfast snacks I’ve seen anywhere. For our road trip.


The Country Womens Association still flourishes in Hobart… love the Tea Cosy Window.

The wonderful Michelle Crawfords’ kitchen in Huon Valley. Michelle so kindly emailed me and said, “What can I do to help” ? and opened up her home to me so I could cook for the Hobart launch. You can read more about the Hobart launch (and see Michelles beautiful photos) here..  You will love her blog, and Michelle.  I did, and can’t wait to go back.
Busy, busy cooking in Michelles’ gorgeous kitchen…..


Michelle and I

Setting out afternoon tea for the Hobart Launch. Was a freezing cold, snowy Saturday afternoon, warm and snuggly inside Fullers Bookshop. Perfect afternoon tea weather. Photograph c Michelle Crawford.
Banana and Coconut Dairy and Gluten Free Cake (from Wholefood Baking). Photograph c Michelle Crawford
Michelle makes preserves under the Apple Town label – she gave me a jar, but it didn’t last… got eaten with the Companion Bakery Bread and Ashgrove Butter.
After the launch,  I visited the lovely Sally Wise at her farmhouse and cooking school. We met Sally a couple of years ago at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – she is such a generous, down to earth person. She and husband Rob warmed us up, made us a glorious ploughman’s lunch and a particularly delicious apple and quince slice. This is Sally’s latest books – she is the queen also of the slow cooker and traditional preserving. You can find Sally (and her classes) here…
Onto the Farmers Market, where we met Paulette from Provenance Grown… farming is where it all starts…it was such a joy to meet these guys… we need more banners, proudly flying in the wind saying “Uhooo, we grow real food” ….you can find them here… 


Cooking in the tundra at the Organic and Sustainable Markets, Henley Beach. These are the Oat and Barley Peach and Nectarine (we did with currant and apricot) Scones from the new book…
With the beautiful Joanne Hayley, who organised the class at the markets. I had been referred to Joanne by a friend, and when I asked if she could help me organise something in Adelaide, she was  – ” yes, of course, what can I do”. She is also another just about twin… I love this picture, cold, rainy, windy but we did it… you can find Joanne here… 
As I said, cold, windy, rainy but they came – was a fab morning….thank you to those who came out…

Tales From The Road


Myself with (from the left) Jeanie, Belinda and Danella

If you’ve been reading my Facebook page whilst I’ve been travelling around Australia with my new book, you will recognise the many times I’ve noted I’m sitting in bed with a cup of tea…it’s generally been early in the morning, and the only time I’ve had to update things. I’m here again (in bed with a cup of tea) on a bitter cold Melbourne morning, and I am determined to get this post up. I started it back in Perth 2 weeks ago (on a week’s break back home) but just have been so full on, have not had a chance – here we go… fingers crossed… (and will do Melbourne in the next post)….

Here I am back in Perth, in the glorious early winter sunshine. It’s my week back home, after 4 weeks away in Brisbane and Sydney, before I set out again. I am finding it hard to know where to start but I’d like to tell you I have realised this. I am absurdly blessed with an embarrassment of riches. Of family, of friends, of the opportunity to do work I adore and believe in (Kahil Gibrans words ‘work is love made visible’ here ringing in my head), of love, of it all. Of flowers and colours and love and beauty and honour.  I’ve met so many truly very special people, as I’ve been in Brisbane and Sydney teaching classes and launching my new book “Wholefood Baking”, and I have found that they are all been woven into this life I am living. It’s an incredibly honoured position and privilege to know that I am a part of your lives, through my books and in your kitchen – a part of your life. I am enriched beyond words. And I met so many people that said ” oh, I read your blog” and was astonished, as I’ve been so slack with my blog over the past 3 months – just trying to keep on top of organising this big trip.

But alas, I haven’t got a recipe for you here – I promise that soon I will come back from travel and organising (really read keeping it all together/juggling) and get back to recipes to help you in your everyday life, or show you what I’m doing in mine. But for now, I just wanted you to know I’m here, and to thank you, and share with you the highlights of the past few weeks:

  1. ROAD TRIP WITH JEANIE: Jeanie is my friend who lives in Northern New South Wales, and joined me in Brisbane to help with the launch there. The conversation went something like this ” We have to drive to Ipswich tonight (for me to do a talk)  come back to Brisbane tomorrow, shop for the launch, drive then to Toowoomba (for me to do a talk), stay the night, wake up at the crack of dawn, and drive back to Brisbane and cook our asses off to get it all ready for the launch which starts at 2.30pm.Because I had not realised how far away Ipswich and particularly Toowoomba was. But I knew we could do it, because I knew Jeanie had my back. We did bake our little asses off, but alas, I still have too much bottom for my jeans right now. As we were driving to Toowoomba, I said to Jeanie ” You know this is a lot like when we drove from Santa Fe to Taos”. ” No, nothing like it ” says Jeanie, ” Yes it is I say, a lot like it”, “No” says Jeanie” really, nothing like it”. But for me it was – a road trip with my friend Jeanie, on open roads and open skies. For all the exhaustion of those few days, it was fabulous. I loved Jeanie.
  2. MEETING THE BLOGGING GIRLS:  There are an amazing group of young women doing some great blogging in Australia right now, many on the East Coast. It was wonderful to finally meet them face to face – The Pinkfarm Girls – Amanda and Tanya, Emma Galloway from My Darling Lemon Thyme, Nicola Garcia from The Yogic Housewife, Vanessa Teklenburg from Slow Heart Sing (love that name), Alisha from The Naughty Naturopath Mum, my good friend Jill Brown introduced me to Sneh Roy from Food Republic (which I was already checking out), and foodie Mel Kettle and I’m so looking forward to meeting Meg Thompson from My Wholefood Romance next week in Melbourne.
  3. NEARLY FORGOT THE NATURAL FOOD STORE VISIT: The amazing WNCTP graduate Bel Pooley (Belly), knowing I was coming to Brisbane, asked me to do a little talk at her local health/wholefood store. Me thinking it was a little traditional health food store, Belly coming to Brisbane to pick me up, a glorious drive to Forest Glen (Sunshine Coast) and realising it was a HUGE, truly brilliant store – was like being in the U.S. I also got to see another WNCTP graduate – the beautiful Danella Martin, and finally get to snuggle and cuddle Pippy Mae…..They made me so welcome, I met so many wonderful people during that morning tea. But what a store… thank you for making me so welcome…
  4. TAKING THERMOMIX ON THE ROAD WITH WHOLEFOOD COOKING: I’ve known Grace Mazur from the moment she bought this amazing machine into Australia and I’m loving the opportunity to talk to a broader audience about what wholesome and healthy food really is, and how they can use their Thermomix to best advantage. I’ve met so, so many lovely, wonderful people. I’ll do a whole separate post on this later as there is so much to talk about !! But can I say to Kylie’s team in Sydney, thank you for my pink Thermomix Apron and bag. Love them.
  5. THE FOOD, LOVE AND BREATHE SEMINAR WITH HOLLY DAVIS and DR ROSALBA COURTNEY. Let me start by saying how amazing Rosalba is, and a wealth of knowledge… I could listen to her forever. But I had missed my dear, dear friend and colleague Holly Davis as she has been in London (nursing her mother as she passed) for over a year…Holly and I created a makeshift whole food kitchen, and discussed the basics and what matters in a good kitchen. I adore working with her, we actually kind of adore each other (in a healthy way). The Sydney Meals for Everyday class were very lucky as Holly came and did the class on the Saturday there with me also – we both have a same body of knowledge, believe the same things but express them very differently. I got to stay over a night at Holly’s place by the ocean, and it was wonderful. I love Hols.
  6. BEING SUPPORTED BY GOOD FRIENDS: I am absolutely aware of how lucky I am to have such good, good friends – I would always start with my bestie Nene, who helped me do the Perth Launch (I love Nenie),  Helen and Davin in Brisbane who always give me a home (and Helen bought me the best ever teacup mug that brews it own tea), Sonja and Brenda who own Mondo Organics and let me cause mayhem whilst I do classes there, Wray Organics who always support my work and moved me around Brisbane to visit each of their stores talking about Wholefood Baking – Deborah Wray is one gorgeous and amazing woman (Qld, you are very lucky to have Wray Organics),  Karen and Matt from Honest to Goodness in Sydney who move hell and high water to do what I ask of them and more (NSW you are very lucky to have HTG), Essential Ingredient in Sydney who again, allow me to cause mayhem whilst there….WNCTP graduate Angie Cowan (Angie Gluten Free who did an amazing, delicious and very capable job doing all the baking for the Sydney launch, and WNCTP graduate Jessica Kenny (Eating Beauty) who styled it. If I’ve missed anyone out, I will catch up in the next post….
  7. BEING SUPPORTED BY YOU: One thing I’ve fully realised during this trip is how much you support my work and how generously you take me into your home and kitchen. Please know how rich this makes the fabric of my life and how much it is treasured.
Julies Rose Pistachio Cupcakes


Sweet and Sour Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Cake



With the lovely Brooke Long and amazing Thermomix ladies in Brisbane (Paddington)
With Alisha (Naughty Naturopath Mum and Mel Kettle at Wray Organics (Cannon Hill
At Wray Organics Cannon Hill
Danella and Pippy Mae
A small part the makeshift Wholefood Kitchen Holly and I put up… beautiful roses from the launch afternoon tea


In Sydney from the left – Holly Davis, WNCTP graduate Sue Lambert, myself and WNCTP graduate Angie Cowan who did all the baking !!

Fell in love with this certified organic wine – Spring Seed Company – this is the Sweet Pea Moscato – delicious
My sister Kate and niece Pippa came down from Canberra for the launch – here we are exhausted afterwards

So, here I stop or I will never get this out… in all, I’d love to say – here is my new book,

” look what I made !!” but it wouldn’t be true, because everything in my life and the people I have met have been a part of making this. The weave and thread is organic, dyed in the colours of the earth – it’s been made of friendship, loss, hardship, joy and a life lived truly and a huge number of people that love me and are a part of my life –  I’m a very very blessed woman.

x Jude




I’m celebrating, and would love you to join me – we kick off in Perth





Then moving onto Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania

Oh, my goodness, my book has finally arrived at my door !!!!

It actually was a book all along, not just an enormous amount of never ending work! But, it’s a work of love and I am so very, very thrilled with the end result. I’d love to change the way we consider sweetness in our lives and the whole idea of what wholesome baking actually is, and this is my contribution. This is going to be just a nice short blog, to introduce you to the latest member of the family – this is book baby number four, I tell my daughter she has books for siblings. :) 

The book contains an extremely detailed discussion about baking – scones, biscuits, crackers, cakes for all occasions and pastry  – all flours, all sweeteners, how to use them, what is healthy, what is not and how to use them. It contains a large amount of recipes and direction for intolerances – wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free etcetera. Most importantly it discusses conversion – how to change your wheat recipe to a wheat or gluten free option, how to change my spelt recipe to the wheat flour you have in your cupboard, and how to make your recipe dairy, egg or nut free etcetera. 

It’s been an enormously busy past couple of weeks, with Thermomix classes here in the West, but I’m heading off very shortly for my own classes (you can find the program here), seminars (you can find them on my homepage here – click on the link for upcoming seminars) and Thermomix classes. I know that many of the Thermomix classes sold out as soon as they got up, but we are trying for more.

Dairy Free Plain Cake with Almonds, Rose Almond Cream and Raspberry Jam

Classic Spelt Muffin with Fig – lots of options available for dairy, egg, gluten free also. Do you love that cup as much as I do? 

I’m beginning to pack my bags (trying to be organised), have got a party dress (just need to find some shoes) and would love for you to join me with a glass of champagne and delicious bites at the afternoon tea launches (invitations above). I will look forward to seeing you soon… x Jude

Making A Book


Fabrics and textures of all hues – my favourite is the purply/eggplanty hued one on the bottom left 

This has been the month of travel – recipe testing first, then back to Sydney to photograph the new book. This is the first time I’ve been present for the photography and the first time so many shots have been taken of the finished recipef itself. My books are very much a part of me, so I wanted to be the one to do the cooking and be involved in the creative process of photography. Even though I knew it would be a mountain of work, I wanted to be there – and was a little nervous to begin with. I had asked my dear friend Jeanie to come and help me (I know when Jeanie is there we can together, cope with anything) and – there she was, above and beyond. I also asked Angie (a graduate of my Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training Program) and again, above and beyond. I must also note that Jean’s boyfriend Al gamely and bravely drove us around all day in Sydney before the shoot, as we shopped the rather mammoth list.  Let me say right now, I couldn’t have done it without them, and when you see the shots (next May :) ), I hope you will feel and see the friendship and love reflected. This includes my truly amazing editorial team at Murdoch Books – who assembled the very talented  photographer and stylist, and always have a game plan of excellence.  Yes, i was very nervous to begin with, but as soon as I met Cath Muscat (photographer) and Kate Nixon (stylist), I knew all would be fine – both such talented, professional and generous women. We all worked extremely hard to get through the shots – Jean, Angie and myself baking – Angie  making us amazing lunches each day to keep us going and running out for emergency errands – Kate never stopped tweaking until the shot was just right and didn’t blink when I said a couple of times – “I really don’t like it” and Cath with her eagle eye keeping on until the shot was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Even though I’m not a fan of blue, Kate showed me how beautiful it can look but also thrilled me with that glorious purply/eggplanty coloured fabric and tone above, and I am so in love with the cup and saucer below.

I’m in love with this cup and saucer
That cup and saucer again, but how gorgeous is the greenish floral plate underneath 
Starting  the day with a POA (plan of action) which requires a cup of tea

Our days started with a planning session and finished when the light was fading. Sydney chose to put on some stormy rain,  but even in the dim and fading light at the end of the day, Cath pushed the envelope to get some glorious shots. And the recipes behaved – it was great to see both Jean and Angie just go to the recipe, and they turned out brilliantly. So fingers crossed, they should for you also. 

Stylist Kate setting up for a shot – blue !!!!
Thank Goodness for Jean (on the right) and Angie (centre)
My gorgeous, amazing friend Jeanie  

Even though it was full on from dawn to dusk, really how lucky am I? As Kate was setting up a shoot on the second day I commented that food (the way I like and do food) is exactly the same as my days as  a fashion designer. I’m doing the same thing, but with a different (and more meaningful) medium. They are both about beauty. Before it was the beauty of a fabric, a line of cut or stitching and now I work with the textures, flavours and food that nature more directly provides. But both have the deeper layers of beauty –  the friendships, the tears, the colours, textures and I tell you, I consider myself blessed. I loved, loved the opportunity to work with Kate and Cath in such a professional manner, the shots are so beautiful and I hope that when you see them, you will love them too. 

I know there’s no recipe here this month – 7 weeks away back and forth from East to West,  just home with a desk that demands to be taken care of and the Autumn garden planted over the past 2 days. What am I eating you may well ask? While staying with Jean last week her daughter Violet and I made a killer apple pie (with this gorgeous rolling pin I bought for Violet). Right now I’ve roasted up the abundance of eggplant in the garden (fragranced with fresh basil) ready to layer with a lamb mince sort of bolognaese. I’m going to top it with a bechamel – it’s going to be a big Parmigiana/Moussaka/Lasagne kind of thing which I’m serving with a large rocket (from the garden) salad. I plan on enough for left overs tomorrow. As the oven was on, I’ve roasted up some pumpkin from the garden also, cooked a pot of quinoa for the beginnings of a salad lunch tomorrow.  Hopefully by then I will have settled back into Perth time with enough brain to think what to eat.  Next blog is going to be on Children and Snacks – I wanted to extend the seminar I did in Sydney with Rosalba Courtney and Holly Davis. I couldn’t answer all questions, and snacking (and foods for snacking) seemed to be a hot topic. Stay Tuned. 

x Jude