Wholefood Cooking

Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training Program

Helping people to learn about good food and effecting change

Our world is changing, and the way we cook, grow and relate to food is changing. Food has become a hot political topic, and well it should.  The Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training Program is an intense, comprehensive, rich and exciting program for the serious student, who wishes to pursue a career with a broad variety of options, based on the health supportive, culinary arts. Students come to the program for a variety of reasons but they all share a common desire to effect change in how we as a society grow, produce, prepare and eat food. There are many arenas in which to effect change – either working directly with food in a holistic manner (in a variety of formats – cafe, restaurant, writing, teaching etcetera) but also for the nutritional and naturopathic professional looking to have a practical application of their knowledge – for themselves and their clients.

The program is based upon the understanding that transition to good food takes place in a kitchen – this is where people translate the knowledge they hear and see (for example eat more whole grains) into food they and their family and eat and enjoy. Skill and fundamental knowledge is necessary for a successful experience, without this they may be put off and the opportunity to continue along this path is halted. Food is the primary manner in which we take in the nutrients our bodies require for good health, and the kitchen is the primary place we prepare that food to eat, and thus nourish ourselves and those we love. It is for this reason that practical cooking in the kitchen is a large part of this course. This is where what we learn is translated into food to heal, nourish and delight. Taking food from the garden to the table is also a foundation of this course, including visits to farms and meeting those who grow our food.

Jude Blereau
Founder and Director – Whole Food Cooking