Wholefood Cooking

Course Outline

Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training students will enjoy the advantages of smaller class sizes while being able to participate in hands on lessons taught by natural food professionals. This course is about the fundamentals of nourishment – healthy and wholesome eating – including how we grow food and prepare it. Practical cooking in the kitchen is a large part of this course. This is where what we learn is translated into delicious food. 

But it is also much more – it is about building sustainable communities and cities, and understanding that the healthiest meal on the planet, even when backed with a large degree of nutritional knowledge, bestows little nourishment to a body if there is no deliciousness. Because our food is only as good or as nourishing as the soil in which it grows, understanding where our food is grown and those who it, is also a foundation of this course, including visits to farms and meeting growers. Indeed, as Wendell Berry would say “Eating is an Agricultural Act”

The course is Vegetarian based, but includes Animal Free (Vegan), Sustainable Fish, Organic and Grass Fed Meats and Poultry.

Through our Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training program students will:

  • Become connected with the source of real food through farm and market visits.
  • Gain confidence and knowledge in the correct use of kitchen equipment and procedures.
  • Learn the basics of nutrition theory and the fundamental relationship between food and health.
  • Acquire the skills to identify a broad range of natural ingredients as well as an understanding of proper selection and handling.
  • Gain a broad knowledge of natural ingredients and learn a wide variety of techniques to prepare them.
  • Learn to adapt and transform everyday dishes into health supportive meals.
  • Become confident with whole grain and gluten free baking techniques, utilising natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives (including, but not restricted to, dairy free and vegan).
  • Develop an understanding of the current trends in ‘healthy eating’ with their relative strengths and weakness.
  • Become familiar with sustainable farming practices and what is meant by organic, biodynamic, free range and grass fed.

The program will be run full time over 3 1/2 months from 14th August – 17th November 2017, inclusive.

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.


Students will also be expected to complete an internship at a mutually agreed to site. The internship, which equates to 4 weeks full time work or 160 hours, is a requirement for graduation from the course, but the venue/location is not limited to Perth and there is an opportunity to intern overseas. This means that it is an exciting opportunity to stretch your wings and put your new culinary talents to the test. Care will be taken to match a student’s skill and natural talent to the Internship Placement.

Perth enjoys a mild winter season and beautiful spring. Help and suggestions for where to stay will also be available.

Tuition: AUD$18,500.00

For more information on the Natural Chef Training program please click here to make an enquiry or call Jude on mobile 0411 886 614 (international callers use +61 411 886 614).