Wholefood Cooking


Q. Do I need to be a chef to do the course?

No! In fact it is better if you’re because you are less likely to have pre-conceived ideas or habits.

Q. Is the course accredited?

No and this has been a conscious decision. After looking at this option for 2 years, it would only end up adding to the costs and the student would have a less rich course. A similar program in New York, which has had a huge, huge impact on Natural Foods in the U.S, ran for 15 years without formal accreditation and in the end, this was the factor that influenced us the most. Over that 15 years, students have graduated from that course and changed the path of whole and natural foods in the U.S – we’re more interested to impart the information and skills people need, rather than a certificate. The success of your career in this growing industry will not depend on a certificate, but rather a strong foundation of knowledge and skill and a passion for excellence.

Q. What does the cost of the course cover?

This course provides over 500 teaching hours including course notes.
Students will also be supplied with knives and a uniform. The cost reflects the large amount of skill, knowledge, quality ingredients and networking that will be delivered. The cost is not profit driven, but content driven. This course will also provide you with access to teachers who have a large amount of experience in many aspects of the industry, both in Australia and overseas.

Q. Can I spread the cost over a period of time?

I do understand that sometimes it is difficult to come up with the full amount. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further.

Q. Career Opportunities – What Options do I have after this course?

With the current and increasing attraction towards wholesome and health supportive foods and lifestyles, there are a HUGE number of opportunities to work
in this and related fields. People today are profoundly disconnected and hungry to find a path forward. You are limited only by your imagination.

You can go onto work for someone else or develop your own business. That business may be in the capacity of education – helping people learn about wholesome and healthy food (teaching, food coaching, consulting, home chef) or it may be a more indirect approach – cooking in a spa, restaurant or cafe. You may choose to use this course a s springboard towards writing.

There is enormous scope for any of this work in Australia and overseas. Here are some of the options you might consider:

  • Cooking in a spa, health resort, café or restaurant
  • Specialising in allergy and intolerances (gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc)
  • Specialising in a particular area eg. baking
  • Consulting – helping cafes develop and produce healthy food
  • Wholesale business, selling to cafes
  • Catering
  • Food Coaching
  • Writing
  • Home chefing
  • Recipe writing
  • Food activism
  • Teaching cooking
  • Food production systems eg. kitchen gardens
  • Web-based business

This course aims to give you the foundational skills upon which to build your career and though in it’s early stages, Whole Food Cooking will give you as much help as possible in helping you find work.

For more information on the Natural Chef Training program please click here to make an enquiry or call Jude on mobile 0411 886 614 (international callers use +61 411 886 614).