Wholefood Cooking

Public Cooking Classes

I run a variety of programs throughout the year. Each class is 5 hours long, generally on a weekend and includes generous tastings, and class notes. They include (but are not at all limited to)

Wholefood From The Ground Up


This course runs over 20 hours, and most usually as a 4 day intensive. A wholefood kitchen is a living, breathing space where we translate intent and knowledge into food that can heal, nourish and delight. This is a four day workshop, with a focus on understanding the foundations of healthy food and wholesome eating – the WHY something is good and most importantly, the KNOW HOW to use it. During our time together I cover the following, and provide you with a broad range of new recipes for the warmer weather. Your questions are all welcome.

  • What makes the food we eat healthy?
  • What makes the way we eat wholesome, healthy, ethical and sustainable ?
  • Understanding the food we eat Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins
  • Understanding dairy and gluten intolerance
  • Using natures seeds – including whole grains and legumes – so they are optimally digestible and able to nourish.
  • Foods from the sea, such as seaweeds, salt and fish
  • The benefits of animal bone and vegetarian stocks
  • Wholesome sweetness

Centred around these basics we learn how to incorporate whole and nutrient dense ingredients into everyday cooking, whilst building a whole and natural foods pantry.

Though this course is LARGELY vegetarian, wheat and dairy free, some organic butter and organic animal bones (stock) are used.

Single Session Classes

These are usually seasonally based or provide the opportunity to cover a specific area. Seasonal classes have included:

  • Get Organised for the Week Ahead
  • Whole Meals for Whole Families
  • Nourishing Young Children
  • Preserving the Harvest – Chutneys, Pickles & Sauces
  • Wholesome Baking and Natural Sweeteners


Individual/Group Private Classes

Sometimes, a private class is the best option to respond directly to your individual needs and /or restrictions, with one – on – one tuition. A class is a 4 hours hands -on session, but best of all you get to take home what we cook! Like all my classes notes are supplied. Please email me if you would like to chat about this earlier. Contact me for more details, and let’s chat.

Group classes can also be arranged and again, content and structure can be specific to the group’s needs. Contact me for more details, and let’s chat.


Professional Wholefood Training Classes

If you would like to learn more or are keen to develop your skills, I can tailor a 1 – 4 week intensive in wholefood cooking or wholesome baking to suit your needs. Please contact me to discuss. Contact me for more details, and let’s chat.

You can find the current class program here Class Program June – August 2018

Food Coaching

 There is a lot we can do in 1 1/2  hours in clearing a path ahead for you, or making sense of how to move forward, or simply making more sense of where you are. You might have a restricted diet, and need help with how to use many foods that are new to you, or just need help with implementing a more nourishing path for yourself and those you love. I’d love to work with you in achieving these goals and more. If you would like to chat further please email me jude@ wholefoodcooking.com.au