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Dream, Ramble and Roam

TALES FROM MY TRAVELS and more I have dreamed, I have most certainly rambled (often in classes I suspect) and I’ve certainly roamed. It seems like a month, but in reality only 2 weeks away for a wedding of dear friends and classes in Melbourne, onto Sydney for Recipe Testing and then Brisbane for classes. I […]

Dream, Ramble and Roam

WISHED FOR AND LOVED This idea of a ‘Wished for and Loved ‘ came to me from the gorgeous Heidi Swanson’s ‘Favourites’ that she includes once a month in her fabulous site. I’m inspired by the title Dream, Ramble and Roam and it came to me from a lady ringing in to the radio, saying that her grandmother […]

The Water Lily

The past few weeks (well months really) have been hot and unrelenting. My garden is weary and I am weary from the effort of trying to keep my brain intact and clear!! I’ve given up trying to keep flowers in the house, everything wilts and dies under the heat (even with some air – conditioning). […]